Your Health


(The following was written by Charlotte Dillant -- a licensed, certified nutritionist. More information about the writer including consultation opportunities appears at the end of the article.)

Think about it!

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless." Herophiles, 300 BC

Even though these words were written years before our time, they still hold true. There is no quality to life without health.

Our society is in crisis. We have traded our health for our wealth. Stressed out, under- nourished, dehydrated, depressed, drugged up,and caffeined out leaves our body in a state of dis-ease.

We don't have a health plan in America; we have a sickness plan. We've never been taught how to prevent sickness or heal our bodies. Hospitals, nursing homes and mental institutions are packed with the by-product of our ignorance. But it's not too late to teach ourselves and our children the vital information of how to have a healthy body. If you want a quality life and are sick and tired of being sick, start making life-giving changes now!

Do you know that 95% of all diseases start in or stem from the stomach? Changing one's health starts by thinking about what you are putting into your stomach. You are what you eat!

There are three major reasons America suffers from poor health.

1. We overeat.

2. We eat denatured or unnatural foods.

3. We mix too many different combinations of food together.

Let's talk about number one -- overeating. As the saying goes, "We kill ourselves daily with our fork." The fact is we don't need a lot of food; we need higher quality. If the body's nutritional needs were being met, we wouldn't be reaching for junk food.

Put both your hands together (as in prayer) then open them up. What will fit in both hands is the amount we should be eating. The size of our hands together is the size of our stomachs. If eating fish or any flesh never eat more than 4-6 ounces.

Eat according to the size of your body. Do the best you can while making the transition to a healthier life style. Overeating is the biggest root cause of premature death. Food is our biggest addiction. Eat to live -- instead of living to eat.

Eating unnatural, denatured, not real food is the second cause for human ills. Food is what comes off a tree or out of the ground. You never saw a bush with whoppers on it, or a Kellog cereal box tree. Eat real food!

Eat more raw! Sixty percent of our diet should be raw. Learn to chew, chew, chew. Food must be mixed with saliva which has an enzyme in it. This enzyme breaks down all starches which are carbohydrates. Digestion starts in the mouth. In order to extract nutrition from our food, especially raw, you must chew, chew, chew!

Real food is fresh fruits, vegetables,seeds, nuts and grains. The path to better health is to consume food filled with life. The word vegetarian comes from the Latin word "worda" which means "filled with life".

The third cause of disease and illness is the wrong combining of foods. There is proper chemistry to eating. It's so simple yet some may think it's difficult. What's needed is to program our brains about eating right. Wrong chemistry causes gas, bloating and belching. Do you have these symptons on a regular basis?

Never mix a protein and a carbohydrate, no pasta with chicken or tofu. Eat pasta with veggies, or chicken and tofu with veggies only. Eat beans with only greens, and eat fruits alone. Nuts, seeds, cheese, avocados, yogurt, and sour cream are called protein fats and should be eaten with non-starchy green veggies.

For more information on proper food chemistry and how to live a healthy, vibrant life-style, call for an appointment at (412) 833-8852.

(Besides being a nutritionist, counselor and speaker, Charlotte is qualified to teach in the following areas: weight loss, food chemistry, kinesiology, iridology and detoxification.)

Remember your health is your wealth. Ignore it long enough and it will go away.

Peace, love and excellent health

Charlotte Dillant, LCN